In the first instance, if you have any questions or issues, please contact you child’s Form Teacher or Mrs Bonham through the school office.

Below is a list of other contacts:

Name Role Possible Issue
 Mrs Cheryl  Bonham
Mr Michael Dunn
Pastoral Mentors Concerns about friendship issues or any confidential issue affecting the child at home and which will have an impact on them in school
 Miss G Bulloch Director for Teaching and Learning Year 5  

Concerns that cannot or have not been  solved by speaking to the form teacher

 Mrs V Russell Director for Teaching and Learning Year 6
 Miss L Mackenzie Director for Teaching and Learning Year 7
 Mrs L Lawrence Acting Assistant Headteacher. Director for Teaching and Learning Year 8
 Mrs L Alexander

Acting Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and SENDCO

Any issues regarding SEN provision
 Mrs D Brett Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion Any further concerns following conversations with the DLTs
 Mrs K Binns Deputy Headteacher and DSL Any more serious issues
 Mr G Whitehead Headteacher Any more serious issues

Home/School Communication 

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible provision at Chantry Middle School, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify a few procedures which should help to further improve communication between School and home. 

Contact to School Via Email: 

When trying to contact a member of staff at school regarding your child, please ensure that all emails are directed through the relevant email address, as detailed below and not sent directly to a member of staff.

[email protected]

Communicating via this central email address will ensure all correspondence is directed to the most appropriate person and that your query is dealt with as swiftly as possible. As staff do not have constant access to emails due to teaching and extra-curricular commitments and the central email address is administered regularly throughout the school day, this is the most efficient way to get a message into School. 

Contact to School Via Telephone: 

When telephoning school, the quickest way to reach the most appropriate person is through the correct school telephone line: 01670 512874

Contact to School Via Reception: 

Parents are most welcome to call in at the Main Reception to leave a message for a member of staff.  However, meetings should be by appointment only. If a meeting is necessary after following all other lines of communication, an appointment will be provided by the school.  The school will assign the most appropriate person to deal with your query; however, in the case of an absolute emergency please inform the reception staff of the concern and they will endeavour to contact a member of staff. 

Meetings in School: 

In the event that these lines of communication have not resolved your query or concern and you would like to meet with a member of staff in person, please let us know by using one of the above contact methods.  Chantry Middle School will endeavour to set up a meeting as soon as mutually convenient. Members of staff are extremely busy during the course of a school day and therefore we are unable to guarantee that a meeting will happen on the first day of request, unless of course we consider that there is urgent need.  In order for us to determine who is the most appropriate person for you to speak to regarding your query it will be necessary for you to convey some detail of your reason to meet School staff. Chantry Middle School will decide who that would be and will advise you accordingly. It is important that we work through our staffing model, as detailed below, in order to address the needs of yourself, your son or daughter and the school, so it may not always be the person you request that meets with you. In the unusual circumstance where a member of staff is unable to answer your query at the time of your meeting, they will refer your request to a member of staff who can assist and will contact you with an outcome at a later, suitably convenient time. It is possible that this may be the same person. I am sure it is understood that staff with particular responsibilities and expertise initially make contact to resolve any concerns prior to them being escalated. 

Example illustration of structure for communication with School: 

Type of Query Likely person to deal with Best way to contact


General Academic

Tutor or Class Teacher Via school email or telephone line


Lost Property 

Minor Issues

Relevant School administrator Via school email or telephone line
Higher level pastoral concerns

Higher level Academic support 

Head of Year Via school email or telephone line 
Subject specific query Class Teacher and/or Curriculum Team Leader Via school email or telephone line
More serious concerns which have been unable to be resolved by key staff Senior Leadership staff linked to relevant Key Stage Via school email or telephone line.