In Term Transfers

If you would like your child to be considered for a place at Chantry Middle School, the In Term Transfer Form must be completed and returned to School Admissions at Northumberland County Council.

For more information and guidance on completing the In Term Admissions Transfer Form, visit the Northumberland County Council website.

September Admissions

If your child is currently in Year 4 either at a First or Primary school then you need to apply for a place at Chantry Middle school by the end of October.

If your child is currently in Year 8 at Chantry Middle then you need to apply for a place at High School by the end of October

The online admissions portal is available via the Northumberland Country Council website.

For further information about School Admissions in Morpeth contact 01670 623558 / 624889 

Admissions Policy

Details of The Cheviot Learning Trust Admissions Policy can be found on the Policies page.

Admissions Appeals for 2022/23 school places

At The Three Rivers Learning Trust all school appeals are administered through Northumberland County Council’s Admission Appeals procedure. If you intend to appeal against the admission decision for your child, please follow the link to the Northumberland County Council website and complete the relevant forms, which are provided under the heading School admission appeals.